Conducting business via phone

CareBuilders at Home provides all of the training and support our franchise partners need. In fact, as soon as the paperwork comes through, we hop on the phone with our newest franchise partner to loop them in on all things CareBuilders at Home and to schedule their trip to New York for training at our headquarters.

CareBuilders at Home franchise partners are supported in a varietyof ways that help contribute to their success. Our support includes on-sitetraining and visits, scheduled phone calls, and a shared resource library.

On-Site Training and Support

Classroom learning at our corporate headquarters is a great way to learn about the history of CareBuilders at Home and some of our systems and processes. But we understand that things look a little different once you’re in your own office, working in your own community. That’s why we come to you.

We train each new CareBuilders at Home franchise partner in theirown office, helping you master sales presentations and land those firstclients. No CareBuilders at Home franchise partner is expected to get their businessoff of the ground all by themselves.

After the initial training, the on-site support continueswith annual visits to help each franchise partner gain new clients, adjusttheir sales strategies, or even just to check in.

Phone Support

Our franchise partners’ contact with corporate doesn’t stop with once-a-year visits. CareBuilders at Home franchise partners are able to get support via scheduled calls. Each week we host a business development call so franchise partners can share their ideas and strategies for growth and gain insight from us and our decades of home care experience.

Twice a month, we also host a marketing and operations callto check in on our franchise partners and pass along ideas and insights. Evenbeyond our scheduled calls, CareBuilders at Home franchise partners know that they canget any question answered by just picking up the phone and asking. IT support,the HR department, and even our president and CEO are just a phone call awayfor our franchise partners.

Shared Resources

As much as our franchise partners are connected with CareBuilders at Home corporate, they are also connected with one another. We encourage each of our franchise partners to share the strategies and resources that have worked for them with the rest of the franchise network.

Our shared resources also include webinars, marketingmaterials, and daily podcasts that franchise partners can access anytime,keeping CareBuilders at Home support at their fingertips.

On-site training and support, phone support, and sharedresources are just some of the ways that CareBuilders at Home makes sure that all of our franchise partners have the support they need to thrive. If you are ready to join a franchise system with the top support in the industry, then take the first steps on your CareBuilders at Home franchise journey by reaching out for more information.